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My particular thought is that the phone is really low power device that could run off of a car battery for hours if not days. In the event of a disaster, I could be sending out text messages for help much easier on a keyboard.

, android authority s6 , Why not just ask the NSA?

, android watches customer service , I can see that except that Justin tv for which we have to 10$ all others are not that useful, Apple sure has to give some permissions this just sucks that we cannot watch tv in iPhone

, android market apps

3 leading 0s; Thats not very secure!

, android emulator for windows , Why hasn’t a keyboard been produced for the iphone yet? i travel often, and most places do not have free wireless for laptop. I have to respond to 100 emails a day, and it is painful with the iphones crazy touch screen, if somebody knows if there is a purpose made keyboard please respond

, dragon ball android 18 , I was thinking something very similar. Carrying around a keyboard to access the Iphone kind of defeats the purpose of having such a portable device. One might as well get a UMPC (though I cannot recommend anything OQO makes – their batteries – a proprietary design – are total garbage and the chargers tend to fail, destroying the unit).

, google android device manager unlock


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